GST on Google Ads Revenue for Indian Merchants

GST is not applicable to indian businesses, provided that the income is received in USD. Nature of Service Youtuber provide online services through internet. As per Sec 2(17) of IGST Act, “online information and database access or retrieval services” means services whose delivery is mediated by information technology over the internet or an electronic […]

Export of services through PayPal and GST return I do blogging targeting the US market. Consider a scenario where I raise an invoice to a US client for advertising for $1000 through PayPal. Due to PayPal fees for transfer between accounts, I only receive $947.73 in my PayPal account. Then there is the USD-INR withdrawal charges on the top of that. In […]

Ecommerce Platforms for Indian Developers Shopify Fees (2021) — A Guide to Shopify Pricing: Which Shopify Plan is Best? Fee for Indian merchants: Shopify Lite and digital products One of the things that I most like about Shopify as an e-commerce platform is the way that it facilitates the sales of digital products. Selling digital products can be a […]

Computer software is goods or service for GST?

Taxability and classification with respect to Computer software has always been a litigious issue since the erstwhile service tax regime. However, the Goods and Services Tax Act (‘GST’) has to a huge extent clarified the position to be adopted with respect to procurement of computer software. This article broadly tries to analyse the various implications qua procurement […]

ITR 1 vs. ITR 2 vs. ITR 2A

Check this out on appropriate incometax form to be used for filing tax returns, ITR 1 You need to fill the ITR-1 form if: You are an Individual. You have an income from Salary / Pension. You have income from 1 House Property. You earn any Exempt Income (like agricultural income) Up to Rs.5,000. […]

Imported Goods – Applicable GST, Customs Duty, and Cess

Under the GST regime, both the import of goods and or services into the territory of India would be treated as supply of goods or services in the course of inter-state trade attracting the levy of IGST. So import of goods or services will be treated as deemed inter-state supplies and would be subject to […]

GST Tax Refunds Claim

What is refund? Refund is an amount that is due to the register tax payer by the tax department. A refund can be claimed by registered taxpayer under following conditions: Exports: Refund can be claimed on input tax paid on inward supply of goods or services: which have been exported which have been used in […]