Export of services through PayPal and GST return

https://www.taxfull.com/18179/export-of-services-through-paypal-and-gst-return I do blogging targeting the US market. Consider a scenario where I raise an invoice to a US client for advertising for $1000 through PayPal. Due to PayPal fees for transfer between accounts, I only receive $947.73 in my PayPal account. Then there is the USD-INR withdrawal charges on the top of that. In […]

Computer software is goods or service for GST?

Taxability and classification with respect to Computer software has always been a litigious issue since the erstwhile service tax regime. However, the Goods and Services Tax Act (‘GST’) has to a huge extent clarified the position to be adopted with respect to procurement of computer software. This article broadly tries to analyse the various implications qua procurement […]

ITR 1 vs. ITR 2 vs. ITR 2A

Check this out on appropriate incometax form to be used for filing tax returns, https://www.bankbazaar.com/tax/difference-uses-of-itr1-itr2a-itr2.html ITR 1 You need to fill the ITR-1 form if: You are an Individual. You have an income from Salary / Pension. You have income from 1 House Property. You earn any Exempt Income (like agricultural income) Up to Rs.5,000. […]

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