GST on export of services in India – A complete procedure to export services under GST regime with filing of LTU/Bond for export under GST

1.0 Introduction

From 1st July, 2017 a complete transformation of system has taken place and which has changed the way of doing business in India. From consumer to large manufacturers, everybody is being disturbed by this humongous taxation system.

Since, almost everybody is affected by the GST, the export procedure are no exception. With the advent of GST, the export procedure for both goods and services has been changed.

Earlier, in case of export of services, there was no procedure prescribed at all, but under GST the export of services has been taken up with the export of good other at par.

In other words, the procedure for export of goods and services is same with no procedural difference. Hence, it is better to understand the whole concept properly otherwise you shall fall under the trap of non compliance.

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