Refund Process For Exporters Under GST

This article talks about the latest developments in the refund procedure for exporters under GST regime who were suffering due to huge working capital blockages either due to payment of IGST for making exports or by way of un- utilised ITC on inputs in case the exports were effected via LUT/Bond and non-availability of the refund module (RFD-01) on the GSTN common portal.

As per Section 54(8) of the CGST Act, Refunds may arise under the following situations:

  1. Exports of goods with payment of IGST (Rule 96 applicable)
  2. Exports of goods without payment of IGST.( accumulated ITC) (Rule 89 applicable)
  3. Exports of services with or without payment of IGST( both situations) (Rule 89 applicable)
  4. On account of supply of goods or services made to SEZ Unit / SEZ Developer.
  5. In case of deemed Exports,
  6. On account of assessment/ provisional assessment/ appeal/any other order
  7. ITC accumulated due to inverted tax structure
  8. Tax paid on advances and subsequently refunded due to non -supply or partial supply.
  9. Tax deposited under wrong head

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